Welcome to Divicab International Services

We take care of all your every step to studying abroad, from professional guidance to detailed logistics and support till you are settled in your school.



1     Our PLACEMENT Offices are fully knowledgeable about so many Universities and also have working relationships with so many Universities across the world making it easier for them to place any student into any University.

2     We have most up to date Information on how to get any choice University of our clients' choice since we are well and professionally trained on so many Universities.

3     Divicab International Staffs maintain after sales relationships so much because we always have a good relationship with all the clients because of good services.

4     Divicab International staffs will go an extra mile to satisfy our clients and also make sure that there must be an University abroad for every client irrespective of his Budget.

  • The advice from Divicab International Services during the time of Admission processing and Visa processing was so helpful and makes it very easy for my Sponsor as if it was so easy to get a visa.

  • Divicab International Services, I was referred to them by a family friend, I was very glad that I did because, they were so professional and very very rigid when it comes to visa processing, my sponsor was always complaining about the documents that they are requesting for my Visa but they will always tell us the reasons for all the documents, I secured my Visa.

  • I was very grateful dealing with Divicab International Services, they were so professional that they always get a feedback lesser than the date that they give us, however it was like a family thing dealing with them and I thank God because they helped me and I got my Study visa after I was denied visa that was packaged by another agency.

  • Getting my study Visa was not easy but with the help of Divicab International Placement Unit staffs, it was so easy and they are always hopeful and ready to correct any mistake that we would have done on my own.

  • I do not know that there are people like this in this country, my Sponsor paid for everything without seeing them and they did everything from Securing Accommodation for me, assisting with Visa processing, telling me the likely questions to expect at the interview, taking me to VFS Office for Submission, letting me know that it is ready for collection, Booking my Tickets and also checking me in at the Airport at almost 11pm. They will rule this business with time!!!