About Us

Divicab International Services is an Education recruitment company that is owned by professionals and Education loving individuals with so many years of Experience in International Student recruitment.

We target on getting a University that is affordable and also at a good country for all our intending students, not minding the qualifications, we believe there must be something for everybody that intends to study abroad.

Divicab International Services will give you up to date advice on the need why you have to go to a particular University, we also advice on the courses that you have to study to be marketable to our intending students or the courses that will make them have more chances of earning a living in the country of their studies.

At Divicab International Services, all hands are always on deck to make sure that there is utmost transparency, Integrity and also to make sure that we place a smile on the faces of our clients both during the processing and after the placement by constantly visiting them to make sure that they are relaxed in their institutions of study.
Our Visa success rate is second to None since we are so careful and also make sure that there is proper vetting of documentation for admission and visa applications, we are so sure on any student before filling any Visa application form, we also follow our students and make sure that they arrive the country of their studies, picked up at the airport and are taken to the accommodation that was reserved for them.

We have so many Universities in so many Countries but here are our list of countries that we can process our students to, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, India, Dubai, Singapore, UK, USA, Hungary, Ireland, Malaysia, Cyprus, China, Bangladesh, Spain, Germany, Sweden and Denmark.

We also make sure that there is transparency in all our financial dealings with our clients, come and let us build a relationship that will keep us together.